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Welcome to Covid19ville, the land of duplicity, where nothing or everything may or may not be as it seems.

Like many, when COVID-19 first hit, the 20 bazillion grocery stores in my city ran out of toilet tissue within 24 hours. Every store, including the dollar stores, was strugglin’ to stock the white stuff.

I consider myself a glass-half-full kind of person, but at the fifth or sixth store of an early morning search for 2-ply, I stood in front of another empty shelf with a handmade sign that read “Out of Stock”.

Really? This had to be an inside…

Color 101, Racial Identity and an Argument with My Kindergarten Teacher

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I was first introduced to the idea of racial identity in kindergarten back in the mid-70s, and it began with an argument with my teacher.

Miss Grey, a tall, thin woman with skin the color of dark chestnuts and poofy hair just like mine, stood before our finger paintin’, lunchbox totin’ class of 5-year-olds and announced with a sincere smile, that we were all black.

What…was this woman talking about?

I remember where I sat that day, and how I struggled with processing what my new teacher was telling…

Dear Non-POC (Person of Color) Friend,

I’m sure that the times we are in feel strange to you right now. I get it. I’m there, too. For me, it’s like a dirty bandage has been snatched off, and all of the nasty stuff festering underneath has suddenly been exposed.

Many of you have been taking steps to dig deeply into your hearts and history to figure out where you fit in the #BlackLivesMatter conversation. …

Shannon C.

Digital marketer. Certified Copywriter. Lover of words.

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